About “Thicker Than Water”

Blood Mercy: Thicker Than Water is the first of a series of supernatural/suspense stories written by Janeen Ippolito, with Julia Busko, and released by Asylum Press, an imprint of Uncommon Universes Press. The stories exist in an alternate universe Earth, where a mysterious genetic condition known as the blood curse afflicts a small percentage of the population.

Many people with the blood curse make use of transfusions, and suffer from side effects both positive (increased longevity) and negative (sunlight sensitivity, neurological and mental health conditions). Some, the Blood Kind, choose to endure and live quietly among healthier individuals, hoping one day for a cure. They form the Houses of the Dead.

Others want more. Through bloodshed, occult rituals, and medical experimentation, they seek to advance beyond human existence, and take their rightful place as overlords.

These are vampires.

All that stands between them and humanity are The Houses of the Dead.


Learn about the history of The Houses of the Dead – Vampires and Disabilities

For additional updates, follow Uncommon Universes on Twitter and search for #bloodmercy.

Looking forward to a great time! Thanks for reading!


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